Capurgagnà can only reached by boat or plane

1. Medellìn-Necoclì-Capurganà
2. Cartagena-Monteria-Necocli-Capurganà

1. Flight from Medellìn to Acandì,
by Searca Airlines

1.From Necoclì to Capurganà
2.From Acandì to Capurganà

You can fly from Medellín (Olaya Herrera) to Acandí with ADA ( the flight takes around 45 minutes and then a boat ride from Acandí to Capurganá which takes around 30 minutes. The boat waits for the passengers of the plane.

The ferry from Necoclí to Capurganá leaves everyday at 8:00 am. If you travel overnight make sure to be at the dock AT LEAST 2 hours before the boat leaves. You can reserve your sit directly from the Agency in front of the dock in Necoclí or calling
El Caribe S.A Phone: (+57) 312 2645924 – (+57) 318 2544536

The boat waits for the passengers of the plane arriving from Medellín

First take a bus from the North Terminal in Medellín to Necoclí , the latest bus leaves at 9:00 pm . Second take a ferry which leaves every morning at 8:00 am from Necoclí to Capurganá. If you are travelling during the night leave Medellín at latest 8:00 pm considering the bus ride to Necoclí takes around 10/12 hours.
From Cartagena the journey is in 3 parts. First you take a bus from Cartagena to Montería (6/8 hours). Second a van from Montería to Necoclí (3 hours) and finally the ferry from Necoclí to Capurganá. Remember the boat from Necoclí leaves at 8:00 am. If you travelling during the night the latest bus from Cartagena to Montería is around 7:00 pm. To make sure you get to the boat on time leave Montería at latest 3:00 am.


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